Aaron M. Bond

Professional Developer and System Administrator

Aaron M. Bond

Experienced application developer and system administrator with expertise in a range of applications. Particularly interested in Linux administration and advanced website development, both client and server side. Well versed in HTML / CSS / JavaScript, as well as many different server side technologies including PHP, ASP.NET, ColdFusion and CGI. Direct experience working with public-facing consumer websites as well as business process applications and intranet sites. Strong experience as an HPUX and Linux system administrator and SAN administrator.

Work Experience

Technology Director

Employed from to
Bloomington, MN

Position as director of technology. Building and deploying multiple public facing sites in ASP.net C# used to sell print books and digital information. Maintaining SQL Server Database of gun and guitar values information for use by book authors. Establishing internal infrastructure for robust and secure development. Analyzing office needs and developing tools to facilitate those needs. Co-leading digital strategy for future sales. Consulting on further IT purchases and staffing.

Tech Specialist - Enterprise Platforms

Employed from to
Minneapolis, MN

Position as Unix and Linux administrator and developer. Built and configured HP-UX and Linux servers for production and development environments. Created tools for automated error correction and alerts. Designed multiple websites for internal environment monitoring and problem solving. Orchestrated multiple backups of shared data. Participated in 24 hour on-call support rotations. Generated access reports for Sarbanes Oxley audits. Consulted with and trained users on Unix and Linux use. Architected and configured new Linux environment with remote management tool.

Application Analyst - Consumer Internet Applications

Employed from to
Minneapolis, MN

Position as lead developer for public-facing Pillsbury.com website. Maintained and redesigned look and feel of Pillsbury.com website in close collaboration with marketing. Standardized CSS and HTML development standards both for SEO and maintainability. Produced engaging and interactive user experiences using both server back-end technologies and client side tools, such as jQuery. Developed new site functionality, including secured authentication, user submitted recipes and advanced community profiles. Led site full re-architecture and redesign during migration from Microsoft CMS to Sitecore CMS.

Programmer Analyst - Manufacturing and Quality Information Systems

Employed from to
Minneapolis, MN

Position as programmer and analyst for supply chain manufacturing and quality tracking group. Responsible for support and expansion of a tracking tool written as a Windows form in VB.NET 2.0 and distributed to all production plants. Led installation of MES infrastructure at both contract and company-owned plants. Optimized processes through continuous improvement initiatives, including authoring a waste tracking report enabling a savings of $62,000 monthly at the Albuquerque production plant. Co-architected future-state of MES system across all plants via integration of existing MES layers, Factelligence, SAP and RedPraire warehouse management software.

Webmaster - STC-UITS

Employed from to
Bloomington, IN

Position as programmer and webmaster of university technology consulting group. Produced tools to assist consultants working in more than fifty labs across two campuses. Enabled coordination and information sharing through an online chat system built in ColdFusion with a Microsoft SQL Server back-end. Produced engaging and user-friendly interfaces for consultants and administrators. Analyzed needs of consultants and administrators based off gathered requirements and personal experience.

Skills and Expertise

Design and Development

  • PHP - 8+ years experience
  • .NET (C#/VB) - 6 years experience
  • Perl - 8+ years experience
  • Oracle PL/SQL - 2 years experience
  • Android - 1 year experience
  • Java - 2 years experience
  • ColdFusion - 1 year experience
Design / Frameworks
  • (X)HTML - 8+ years experience
  • HTML5 - 2 years experience
  • CSS - 5 years experience
  • JavaScript - 8+ years experience
  • jQuery - 4 years experience
  • ServiceStack - 1 year experience
  • ASP.NET Web Forms - 6 years experience
  • .NET Windows Forms - 5 years experience
CMS / Web Platforms
  • MediaWiki Server - 2 years experience
  • ScrewTurn Wiki - 1 year experience
  • Sitecore - 1 year experience (certified)
  • Sharepoint - 2 years experience
  • MCMS - 2 years experience
Databases / Data Delivery
  • MySQL / MariaDB - 8+ years experience
  • Sql Server - 6 years experience
  • Oracle - 5 years experience
  • SQLite - 2 years experience
  • JSON - 3 years experience
  • XML - 3 years experience
  • SOAP - 2 years experience

Hardware and OS

Server Architecture
  • Intel & AMD x86/x64 - 12+ years experience
  • Intel Itanium - 2 years experience
  • PA-RISC - 2 years experience
Operating Systems
  • RedHat Enterprise Linux / CentOS - 3 years experience
  • HP-UX - 2 years experience
  • Windows Server 2008 / 2012 - 5 years experience
  • Windows Server 2003 - 5 years experience
  • Windows 7 / 8 - 4 years experience
  • Windows XP - 12 years experience
  • Windows 95/98/ME - 12+ years experience
Enterprise Storage
  • Fibre Channel - 2 years experience
  • SAN Administration - 2 years experience
  • EMC Symmetrix - 2 years experience
  • NetApp - 2 years experience

Applications and Environment

IDEs / Development Tools
  • Vim - 3 years experience
  • Eclipse - 8 years experience
  • Visual Studio 2003-2010 - 6 years experience
  • Subversion - 6 years experience
  • Git - 2 years experience
  • ADT (Eclipse) - 2 years experience
  • PDT (Eclipse) - 4 years experience
  • PL/SQL Developer - 4 years experience
  • make - 2 years experience
  • gcc - 2 years experience
Server Technologies
  • Apache Web Server - 6 years experience
  • IIS Web Server - 4 years experience
  • VMWare ESX - 2 years experience
  • Team Foundation Server - 2 years experience
  • SSH - 8+ years experience
  • Puppet (Server Configuration Automation) - 2 years experience
  • SAMBA - 2 years experience
  • RedHat Satellite / Spacewalk - 2 years experience
  • Adobe Photoshop - 4 years experience
  • GIMP - 4 years experience
  • Microsof Office - 12+ years experience

Volunteering and Activities

Speakers' Bureau Trainer


Trained advocates on public speaking at 2008 MADD Advocate Training Institute (MATI). Developed lesson plan based off MADD Speakers' Bureau program to improve public speaking and help advocates with accurate messaging.

Volunteer Builder

Minneapolis, MN

Volunteered building a home for a low income family in Minneapolis. Cut and applied siding. Measured and hung sheetrock in basement.

Competitor and Peer Coach - Speech Team

Participated to
Bloomington, MN

Competed in multiple public speaking events, including extemporaneous, impropmtu, persuasive and informative speaking. Placed 2nd in the state competition in impromptu speaking and qualified for nationals in multiple events. Peer-coached limited preparation events.


Bachelor of Arts - Political Science / Computer Science

Bloomington, MN

Honors and Accomplishments

Co-authored - The Essentials of Web Programming

Custom Published
, & - Pearson Custom Publishing

Co-authored book introducing students to the principles of web programming for the computer science course "Mastering the World Wide Web."

Topics include: The basics of HTTP, Apache Webserver Installation, MySql Installation and Basic Use, Perl Installation and Programming Concepts, PHP Installation and Programming Concepts, and Security Concerns and Concepts.

Founder's Day Honoree (Dean's List)

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