Aaron M. Bond

Professional Developer and System Administrator

Proven Experience, Professional Results

I am a senior application developer and system administrator offering services including website development, SEO, application programming and system administration.

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I can provide a variety of programming and development services to your business. I have experience designing public facing websites, mobile enabled websites, private business intranet web applications, GUI based applications and console applications. Whether you prefer proprietary or open source technologies, I have used the frameworks necessary to build the programs and applications your business needs.

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System Administration

I can build and maintain the infrastructure that will keep your business running. Be it hardware installation, operating system configuration or application setup, I have the knowledge to build custom environments to your specifications. In addition, I'm experienced in configuring lights-out management tools, allowing you to monitor, modify and maintain your environment remotely.

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You're not looking for jargon, you're looking for results. If you're starting a business or bringing new technologies into your business, I offer consulting services to help you get the IT edge you're looking for. I will help you build your technology vision from the ground up, help enhance an existing solution set or even help you find solutions to existing problems you need to eliminate. I have experience working with companies of all sizes get their technology needs met and their visions off the ground.

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Application and Web Development

What I Bring

I have a wide array of development and programming experience that I can bring to your organization to develop the best apps available.

For websites, I have a strong background in ASP.NET and PHP. I am well versed in progressive enhancement, responsive design, HTML5, JQuery and CSS3 which I can use to ensure your client experience is sublime, regardless of the device on which the application is being viewed. In addition, I am familiar with and an advocate of all the latest security standards- reducing your potential for hacking across your web platforms.

I also have experience with REST and SOAP services across multiple platforms. I have designed high-security internal services for use by business applications which must share data and also publicly exposed REST services for allowing businesses to interface with their external partners. I have employed ASMX web services, hand-built REST services in PHP and .NET ServiceStack for versatile services to interface with any known technologies.

For GUI-based local applications, I have designed and developed in Java and .NET Windows forms, meaning I can build a GUI application for nearly any given environment and operating system.

Finally, I have hands-on experience developing for Android, the fasted growing mobile operating system currently on the market.

I follow strict programming standards, employ true and tested design patterns and review my code extensively for both bugs and re-usability. In short, I prefer to build once, use everywhere- saving you time and money.

Proven Experience

  • Relevant Positions
    • Application Analyst at General Mills
      • Redesigned Pillsbury.com to enhance user-experience and SEO
      • Transitioned Sites to Sitecore CMS
      • Developed New Features of Site Including: secure authentication, user-submitted recipes and advanced community profiles
    • Technology Director at Blue Book Publications
      • Developed Internal Maintenance and Authoring Tools as Both Web Applications and Windows Applications
      • Redesigned BlueBookOfGunValues.com to enhance user-experience, SEO and Drive Sales
      • Created .NET ServiceStack Based API for Public Consumption of Business Data
    • Programmer Analyst at General Mills
      • Supported and Enhanced .NET Windows Forms Application to track Plant Floor Efficiency and Quality
      • Developed Waste Tracking Application, Enabling a Savings of $62,000 Per-Month in Materials at Albuquerque Production Plant
      • Established Integration Points Between Internally-Developed MES Software and SAP
  • Highlighted Skills
    • PHP
    • ASP.NET / Windows Forms .NET
    • C#
    • SQL Server / Oracle / MySql
    • REST / SOAP / .NET ServiceStack
    • HTML / HTML5
    • CSS / CSS3
    • SEO
    • jQuery
    • Sitecore

System Administration

What I Bring

Whether you're wanting to virtualize your infrastructure or build in-house, I have the skill necessary to construct exactly the environment you need.

For operating systems, I have a strong experience in Unix (primarily HP-UX) and Linux (primarily RedHat / CentOS / Fedora based distributions). I have built systems from the ground up; developed monitoring, troubleshooting and usability tools; and have supported existing systems through upgrades and migrations in both a RedHat and an HP-UX environment. Additionally, I have administered a small business network based off Microsoft technologies, including Small Business Server 2011 and Active Directory.

I have established backup schemes and developed tools to support them, ensuring that disaster recovery options were available for any level of disaster. I have developed disaster recovery plans to communicate the level of data protection to the business and get their approval.

I have written logging tools to support audit controls for Sarbanes Oxley compliance. My tools provided logs for user access, backups and privilege elevation. I have participated in audits to ensure proof of compliance was provided.

I have hands on experience with multiple storage technologies, including EMC and NetApp solutions. I have built, administered and troubleshot large SANs for both Linux/Unix and Windows access. I also developed tools to monitor both the state of the SAN and the available space, which alerted my team before storage problems arose.

For virtualization, I have constructed multiple environments in VMWare ESX, allowing multiple application servers to be "spun up" as requirements arose.

Finally, I have co-architected a state of the art "lights out" data center. By creating monitoring services that "self-heal" when simpler problems arise, I helped to reduce my team's workload and reduce downtime.

Proven Experience

  • Relevant Positions
    • Tech Specialist at General Mills
      • Provisioned and supported HPUX and RedHat systems within a large environment
      • Used VMWare ESX to create a local "cloud" for on-demand server solutions
      • Built and maintained a SAN using EMC and NetApp solutions, including monitoring of health and available space
    • Technology Director at Blue Book Publications
      • Designed and architected a modern development environment, including issue tracking, source control, and wiki documentation using free and open-source software
      • Authored a disaster recovery plan to ensure business owners are informed of data-loss risks and are aware of current available contingencies
      • Tightened security standards of both internal applications and external websites
    • Programmer Analyst at General Mills
      • Managed roll out tools to distribute code to over fifty plant locations worldwide
      • Developed scheduled jobs to integrate data between systems in non-business hours
      • Created efficiency improving shell scripts to enable faster development and distribution of software
  • Highlighted Skills
    • Linux (RedHat / CentOS)
    • Unix (HP-UX)
    • Bash / Ksh / Csh Scripting
    • EMC VMAX / NetApp
    • Oracle
    • VMWare ESX
    • LVM / Veritas Volume Manager
    • Puppet (Configuration Automation)
    • SEO
    • Apache
    • Perl / PHP
    • NFS

Information Technology Consulting

What I Bring

At heart, I'm a communicator. I know that in order to succeed, technology needs to serve a purpose and I'm well trained in helping you tease out that purpose and what your require to meet and exceed your goals.

I'm prepared to demonstrate to you and your partners how solutions could affect your business and which decisions are best for your bottom line. As with any skill, no single technology or approach is a "one size fits all" fix for your needs. You need more than a good programmer or administrator, you need someone capable of matching your needs with the available technologies.

Hardware, software and methodologies are changing every day. So is your business. You can't rely on an application, fix or approach that only fits the short term. I have experience building infrastructure and applications that last. I understand that you need your solutions to be as "future proof" as possible, and I'm always thinking forward when building and planning to ensure an easier transition in the future.

You also need a partner who knows how to explain and sell your IT vision. As a former competitive speaker and public speaking trainer, I know how to explain the costs, effects and benefits of the available solutions to your business. I know not everyone is comfortable with or understands technology, so I explain in business terms that are custom fit to your scenario.

Lastly, you need someone who has a has the same passion for the tools and languages that build your technologies as you do for your business. As a hobbyist, I'm constantly trying new software, tinkering in new frameworks and trying new approaches. These fresh approaches keep your business on the bleeding edge of what's available.

Proven Experience

  • Relevant Work
    • Technology Director at Blue Book Publications
      • Determined and executed on internal infrastructure needs of business, including hardware, software and staffing
      • Authored disaster recovery plan to protect business in the unlikely case of crisis
      • Developed multi-year web and technology vision to grow online business and develop new digital products
    • Contract Developer at Climb Theatre
      • Determined customer needs for an online scheduling and filing system
      • Supported and upgraded online scheduling and filing system as new needs arose
      • Trained staff members on system use and configuration
    • Public Speaking Trainer at MADD
      • Taught classes on public speaking at national MADD conference
      • Presented course to multiple groups with differing needs, modifying material to fit the audience
      • Suggested new examples and approaches to be used in the training curriculum
  • Highlighted Skills
    • Public Speaking
    • Knowledge of (and passion for) New and Popular Technologies
    • Understanding of Business Needs
    • Capability to Present Solutions in a Fashion relevant to Business
    • Strong Problem Solving Skills
    • Excellent Documentation and Writing Skills